Estonian greentech company Bisly, the creator of intelligent building automation technology, will receive funding within the framework of the Estonian-Norwegian cooperation program “Green ICT” by the Enterprise Estonia.

The aim of the “Green ICT” cooperation program is to support the sustainable development of Estonian companies. Increasing the cooperation between Estonian-Norwegian innovation businesses should lead to jointly created green technology projects that promote resource saving.

Together with Norwegian partners, Bisly will create a unified building management system, which will become a convenient and cost-effective platform for building managers. The solution is suitable for both residential and commercial real estate. The funding will help to develop existing software even more intelligently, to develop new algorithms and to use the possibilities of AI or artificial intelligence. For example, an innovative system makes it possible to see the condition of buildings on an ongoing basis and thereby extend the useful lifespan of buildings. The new system will also help to make smart energy decisions and ensure the necessary resource savings by managing energy use efficiently. A simple central building management system consolidates all buildings into one whole management system. This is how you see what happens in buildings even if they are not located in the same country.

Self-learning future buildings are cost-effective, as the innovative solution combines smart building automation with artificial intelligence. For example, if we can forecast heat demand, monitor consumption, and combine weather forecast information with energy exchange price information, it is possible to reduce the running costs of a building by adjusting consumption. The smart system can also distribute solar energy consumption between different buildings or signal when a device needs maintenance.

The new system will have several new features. For example, the building dashboard shows us information about the current state of the building, future consumption trends and consumption statistics. We can see how much energy the building is currently saving, producing, and consuming.

The new building management system also brings security to a new advanced level! Several sensors and automatic solutions (water, fire, air, and access sensors) report disturbances and ensure both the safety of residents and the durability of buildings. Security and fault prevention sensors also reduce insurance costs. Various automated solutions, such as fault notifications and maintenance work system, make building management and maintenance cost-effective and help reduce human errors. Smart building automation connects all devices to a single system, and in the future their work can be monitored on a single platform. Preventive maintenance prolongs the life of equipment by 20-40%.

Bisly’s partners in Norway are Merko’s Norwegian subsidiary Peritus Entreprenør AS and the real estate fund Pecunia, which manages more than 25 real estate projects. Today, each building has approximately 15-25 separate control solutions (ventilation, heating, access devices, etc.), which for 25 buildings will make about 500 different points, where the condition of the equipment is monitored, and changes can be made. With Bisly’s innovative smart building solution, you only need one platform!