The Association of Estonian Real Estate Companies along with Swedbank is organizing a real estate conference “Where is the Estonian real estate market headed?” on the 24th of March. Bisly will also speak at the conference and participate with Perton Ehitus and Scandium Kinnisvara in a panel discussion “Energy efficiency in a modern building”. Among other things, the spring conference of the Estonian Association of Real Estate Companies will cover how the construction market has been affected by both the energy crisis and the pandemic.

Several factors affecting the real estate market will be discussed at the conference. Inflation, the green turn, the state of real estate funds in the post-pandemic time, as well as energy and the pain points and upsides of residential real estate development will be covered at the conference. 

The panel discussion “Energy efficiency in a modern house”, in which Bisly’s sales director Rene Üpraus will also take part in, is guaranteed to be an exciting listening, as exchanging ideas with real estate developers will give us a better overview of the current situation and future customers’ expectations when choosing real estate.

Current issues in the real estate sector are the energy crisis and the pandemic – Bisly’s smart building technology will help solve both of these challenges. Bisly’s building automation solution is unique in the world and it helps make buildings energy-efficient, whilst saving energy and creating healthier living and working environments. Devices working smartly in a unified system use energy on a need-basis, thus making buildings energy-efficient. Heating and cooling, ventilation, lighting, access control systems, security and much more can be included in a single unified system. You can rest assured knowing that the building is leaving a much smaller footprint on the environment if the heating and cooling are not working at the same time and the ventilation is turned on smoothly and based on actual need.  What is more, smart devices can be set up to take energy prices into consideration and energy consuming activities can be scheduled for the time when those prices are lower. 

Smartly managed ventilation and lighting, i.e. clean and fresh air indoors, and lighting which takes human-based lighting needs into consideration help create healthier living and working environments. Bisly’s smart building automation provides several solutions in this area as well.

Smart technologies help make our lives more convenient, healthier and more energy-efficient. Come and listen to the conference on March 24 in Tallinn at the Park Inn by Radisson Meriton Conference & SPA Hotel conference center.