Again, there is reason to celebrate as Bisly smart home automation solutions are implemented in more and more new residential developments. Starting cooperation with RETORI real estate development company and continuing cooperation with already contracted real estate developers Perton and Bonava means that smart building solutions in new apartment buildings and offices are becoming as fundamental component as heating and water.

Cooperation with a successful real estate developer RETORI Estate will bring a new smart apartment building to the heart of Tallinn. The residents of exclusive apartments at 43b Pärnu Street will soon be able to enjoy modern comfort solutions and live in energy-efficient homes. RETORI Estate’s mission is to create high quality real estate in cooperation with the best architects, and furthermore, the new-era Bisly building automation solutions will make the homes even more future proof! In addition to the Bisly smart home standard solutions, the 43b Pärnu Street building will have an automatically opening car lift door thanks to number recognition. Naturally, the door can be also opened simply from a Bisly smart phone app or just by a call function.

Bisly has already created smart residential buildings with real estate developers Perton and Bonava, and therefore it is even more gratifying to continue cooperating on new objects. Perton’s exclusive apartment building in Kadriorg at Vesivärava 9 is a good example of how a building with historical appearance actually contains the most modern technology and provide residents the comforts of a new era. In addition to the in-apartment Bisly smart home solutions, the lighting of the corridors in the apartment building of Vesivärava 9 is also smartly controlled. Energy consumption is reduced, and the apartment building is even more environmentally friendly.

Vesivärava 9 smart home

Bonava Uus-Mustamäe Premium homes will expand the selection of smart apartments even more. Bisly smart home technology will provide comfortability features also to the residents of Aiandi 7 apartment building. Concern about storing bicycles and prams are often part of the daily lives of families with children. In new apartment buildings, the needs and lifestyle of the residents are increasingly considered, and thus common storage rooms for bicycles and prams have been created. It is important to think about security and secure access. Opening doors with the Bisly chip or using the Bisly app ensures peace of mind, as the system leaves a log of the users who opened the door. If the doors are opened with a standard key, no information is stored and it is not possible to identify the last person who opened the door in the event of theft.

Uus-Mustamäe smart homes

Smart home packages are created specifically for each apartment building and the possibilities offered differ slightly in each building, but as a standard, a resident of a smart home can:

  • Control the heating of the apartment on a room and time basis
  • Open doors conveniently from one’s smart phone or Bisly home wall screen
  • View a video intercom image on smart phone and answer calls both from your home wall screen and from your smart phone whether at home or away. This functionality has been a particularly valued opportunity among the residents because it is easy to provide couriers access to the general corridor to leave ordered packages behind the apartment door.
  • Automatically receive monthly readings (e.g. water). The readings are automatically forwarded also to the building manager.
  • View energy and water consumption from the Bisly app. Studies show that when a person has an overview of their energy and water consumption, they adjust their consumption habits.

In our smart buildings, there are various smart Bisly sensors in corridors and other general areas monitoring the operation of the building, ensuring energy savings and, when necessary, notifying about disturbances!