Organized by EAS, KredEx and the Estonian Employers’ Confederation, this year, the entrepreneurship competition with the longest history in Estonia will be held for the 27th time. Bisly is running in the “Innovator 2022” category and has made it to the TOP 10 in the highly competitive “Entrepreneurship Award 2022” contest.

“Making the TOP 10 among 130 companies is a great achievement and we are very proud of the intermediate finish result,” commented Siim Vips, the CEO and co-founder of Bisly on the success. The company hopes that the lucky streak will continue and they’ll be able to make the top three in the fall.

According to the EAS “Innovator 2022” category manager Inge Laasi, the innovation category was one of the most popular this year and the level of companies competing in the category was consistently very high. After the first phase, a TOP 10 ranking was compiled of the companies who had applied and future visits were agreed upon to evaluate their achievements. In the last phase, the three nominees of the category will be determined and presented to the “Entrepreneurship Awards 2022” jury to choose the winner.

For Bisly, making it to the TOP 10 is an achievement on its own. However, the competition is still in full force and whether or not they’ll be able to make it to the top three in an even tighter competition will be determined in the fall. When selecting the winner, the economic results of the companies as well as their greater achievements and contribution to the development of the society are all evaluated. “Making it to the TOP 10 is a recognition to our entire team, as everyone has strongly and passionately contributed to the development activities and to creating a new solution and bringing it to the market,” Siim Vips praised his team.

Along with Bisly, Dynomax OÜ, Gelatex Technologies OÜ, Bercman Technologies AS, Auve Tech OÜ, Solis BioDyne OÜ, Bikeep OÜ, Airobot OÜ, ElectroAir OÜ and Solarstone OÜ made the TOP 10 under the “Innovator 2022” category. 

The award ceremony to reward the best companies in Estonia will take place on the 13th of October 2022. The best in each category of the competition will be recognized and the company of the year will be revealed.  Don’t forget to read the other news and recognitions of Bisly on our blog.