Bisly OÜ participates in the Norway Grants „Green ICT“ programme

We are happy to announce that we have received funding by the Norway Grants “Green ICT” programme carried out by Enterprise Estonia. 

Project name

Advanced Intelligent Building Control System for Office Buildings

The goal of the project

Together with Norwegian partners we will create a unified building management system, convenient and cost-effective platform for building managers. New solution is suitable for both residential and commercial real estate and Green ICT funding will help to develop existing Bisly’s software to even higher intelligent level.

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Cooperation Partners

Project progress

Advanced Intelligent Building Control System for Office Buildings has received a grant from Norway Grants and EAS and is expected to launch in three years’ time. Project period is from 01.06.2021 until 30.04.2024.

The Project development themes are:

Building Management

Energy Management

Building’s User Experience

Access, Safety & Security

IoT Module

2021-2022 Building Management developments

During this phase Bisly has developed Building Management Dashboard with a user-friendly interface for managing various aspects of the building. Established partnerships and collaborations with third-party hardware providers to ensure seamless integration of their devices into our system.

Our system provides real-time consumption data for various building systems, empowering users to make informed decisions and optimize resource usage. Additionally, we have developed advanced AI algorithms to predict future trends and provide actionable insights, further enhancing the effectiveness of our building management system.

Contact us

Mihkel Kõrgmaa

Project Manager