Bisly OÜ participates in the Norway Grants „Green ICT“ programme

We are happy to announce that we have received funding by the Norway Grants “Green ICT” programme carried out by Enterprise Estonia. 

Project name

Advanced Intelligent Building Control System for Office Buildings

The goal of the project

Together with Norwegian partners we will create a unified building management system, convenient and cost-effective platform for building managers. New solution is suitable for both residential and commercial real estate and Green ICT funding will help to develop existing Bisly’s software to even higher intelligent level.

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Cooperation Partners

Project progress

Advanced Intelligent Building Control System for Office Buildings has received a grant from Norway Grants and EAS and is expected to launch in three years’ time. Project period is from 01.06.2021 until 30.04.2024.

The Project development themes are:

Building Management

Energy Management

Building’s User Experience

Access, Safety & Security

IoT Module

2021-2022 Building Management developments

During this phase Bisly has developed Building Management Dashboard with a user-friendly interface for managing various aspects of the building. Established partnerships and collaborations with third-party hardware providers to ensure seamless integration of their devices into our system.

Our system provides real-time consumption data for various building systems, empowering users to make informed decisions and optimize resource usage. Additionally, we have developed advanced AI algorithms to predict future trends and provide actionable insights, further enhancing the effectiveness of our building management system.

2023-2024 Scalable Intelligent Building Technology for new and retrofit commercial/municipality buildings

During this phase Bisly focused on development and integration of the IOT and other components with the platform and deploying the technology in commercial/municipality buildings. Several iterations of customer interfaces both for BMS and final customer applications were made for optimizing the usability and assuring scalability.

The core system, cloud and server developments have had focus on reducing the costs and quality, that has been major blocker for wider use of traditional building management solutions. On interfaces the focus of Building Management solution (BMS) was security, connectivity and ease of use. Any users from portfolio to room level can use the solution without any special training.

Industry Experts Met at a Seminar Held by Bisly in Oslo, Norway

Bisly Green ICT

Specialists from the energy and real estate sector met in Oslo at a seminar organized by Bisly called “New Era of Intelligent Buildings” to exchange ideas on several important topics around energy saving.

Bisly, who’s also a part of the Estonian-Norwegian cooperation program Green ICT and a member of the Norwegian-Estonian Chamber of Commerce, shared its own experiences and plans for the future.

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Green ICT Event by Bisly – 30 April 2024, Tallinn, Estonia

“A new era of smart buildings: Build smarter, manage easier with Bisly”

On 30 April 2024, the Bisly team hosted an event in Tallinn, Estonia: “A new era of smart buildings: Build smarter, manage easier with Bisly”.

Siim Vips, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Bisly (formerly CEO)

At our event, Siim Vips, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Bisly (formerly CEO), spoke about smart building technologies and shed light on market trends, including industry pain points, ESG regulations and the future of construction in the EU.

He also talked about Bisly’s patented Digital Twin technology and what makes Bisly different. Vips also took the participants through our pilot projects supported by Norway Grants under Green ICT and shared insights on how the programme has helped Bisly move forward.

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Project Manager