Smart Living

Bisly smart sensors capture real-time information and one’s preferences to create pleasant living and working environments. HVAC devices (heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning), lighting, security and other systems are communicating on a single platform, are used demand-based and secure energy savings.



It is smart to live at home or work in an office where your health and well-being are supported by fresh indoor air and pleasant and eye-pleasing lighting. Allow Bisly modern building automation to support your health.
  • Always Fresh Air

    Fresh air is essential and ensures better-quality sleep, better performance, and productivity. Bisly smart CO2-sensors measure the room CO2 level automatically and adjust ventilation intensity smoothly and energy efficiently.

  • Sleep Quality

    Home is a place where we rest and gather energy. Good sleep and a comfortable home temperature are the cornerstones of our well-being. With the Bisly intelligent building solution, you can set your room temperatures as you prefer.

  • Human Centric Lighting

    Light affects our health, well-being, productivity, and ability to concentrate! Lighting that takes into account human well-being and biological circadian rhythm is called Human Centric Lighting.



Experience the security and convenience of smart living with Bisly smart access, lighting, and HVAC management. Knowing you can have control while being away gives you peace of mind.
  • Smart Video Intercom

    Easily open a door to a courier or a child from wherever you are. You can easily check the list of visitors who came while you were away, from your Bisly app or home wall display.

  • Easy Car Access

    With the Bisly smart home solution your home is waiting for you. Entrance to parking area opens automatically as car number plate identification, geofencing and Bluetooth beacon recognize you're coming or just use your smartphone.

  • All Lights Off

    “All lights off” is a safe and energy-saving remote control solution giving you peace of mind when you are not sure that all lights went out when you left your home. You can control the lighting wherever you are easily from your smart phone Bisly app.



Bisly is built around the challenge of making the planet greener by turning saving energy simple. With the full Bisly solution connecting all devices to one single platform, full solution can save up to 50% of energy consumption.
  • Energy Savings

    In an intelligent building all building appliances are connected into one network. Heating, ventilation, lighting, and motion sensors, as well as security cameras, for example, communicate with each other and use technologies to ensure the optimal and needs-based use of each device.

  • Energy Consumption Overview

    Having running overview of your energy and water usage gives you possibility to make changes in your consumption behaviour and keep costs under control.