We are proud to announce the appointment of two renowned experts to our Board of Directors: Sergei Anikin as Chairman of the Board and Prof Jarek Kurnitski as a member of the Advisory Board.

2024 has been a great year for Bisly, with market expansion into the UK and Germany, new partnerships and new members joining the team.

And it is about to get even greater.

On 16 May, Sergei Anikin, a distinguished visionary technology leader, and Prof Jarek Kurnitski, a leading authority on the energy performance of buildings, joined the Bisly Board.

With over 25 years of experience driving technology innovation at industry leaders such as Skype, Microsoft, Swedbank and Pipedrive, Anikin will provide invaluable strategic guidance in scaling Bisly’s software platform and identifying new product and market opportunities as the Chairman of the Board.

As an expert in building energy efficiency, Prof Kurnitski will ensure that Bisly’s smart building technology continues to be driven by the latest scientific developments and aligned with emerging standards and policies related to healthy and environmentally sustainable buildings, ensuring Bisly’s success in the fight against climate change.

The joining of Prof Kurnitski and Anikin marks the union of a mastery of building energy performance and a pioneering approach to technology. We are very excited to welcome these two renowned professionals to our Board.

 Ants Vill, co-founder & COO of Bisly

Ready for significant growth

40% of energy use and 30% of greenhouse gas emissions in the EU come from the buildings sector. While it is clearly important to focus on green energy production, it is equally important to enable energy efficiency through automation, potentially offering a faster path to achieving climate goals.

Founded in 2018, Bisly started its journey in the building automation industry with a mission to make the first truly intelligent building automation system designed for mass adoption at scale. Thus, unlocking the potential for significant greenhouse gas reduction in the segment. With this mission in mind, Bisly has developed and successfully brought to market the patented software and hardware portfolio that enables automation to be rolled out at scale in any type of real estate. After closing its seed round in 2023, the company has expanded to the UK and Germany, acquiring notable customers and delivering first projects, while growing its team with international talent.

Now even stronger with two renowned board members, we are excited to define the building automation sector and make energy savings affordable for all.

Sergei Anikin: Strategic technology leader driving transformational growth

I am thrilled to join the board of Bisly, an innovative home automation company. While the world is captivated by the digital revolution, few are focusing on bridging the gap between the digital and physical realms. Bisly’s mission is to harness this untapped potential to enhance people’s well-being, making everyday life more comfortable, efficient, and connected.

Sergei Anikin

Sergei Anikin – Photo: Tõnu Tunnel

Recently recognised as one of the top 25 global software technology leaders in 2022, Anikin’s strategic vision and hands-on leadership have been instrumental in the success of companies such as Pipedrive and Tuum. Anikin has a proven track record of leading cutting-edge technologies that revolutionise industries.

His appointment as Chairman of Bisly’s Supervisory Board will provide invaluable insight and direction that will redefine the smart building landscape.

Previously, Ants Vill, currently Bisly’s COO, held the role of Chairman of the Board until January 2024, when he joined Bisly as part of the management team.

Photo (S. Anikin): Liis Treimann Photo (J. Kurnitski): TalTech

Prof Jarek Kurtnitski: A leading voice and thought leader in the energy performance of buildings

I am fascinated about Bisly’s technology, both hardware and software, which makes it possible to offer cost-effective and easy-to-use smart home solutions that meet all the real needs of users and building managers. Building automation is today as natural as heating or drinking water, but the question is how complicated and costly the technical implementation is, and how easy and reliable the systems are to use. The revolution that Bisly has already made in Estonia shows that the company is on the right track, and I am happy to contribute to its further development.

Prof Jarek Kurnitski

Photo: TalTech

Prof. Jarek Kurnitski, an expert in the energy performance of buildings, currently holds the Chair of Near Zero Energy Buildings at Tallinn University of Technology in Estonia.

Recently, in April 2024, Prof Kurnitski was awarded the prestigious Rydberg Gold Medal by SCANVAC (Association of Scandinavian Heating, Ventilation and Sanitary Engineering Associations), Sweden, for outstanding research in the field of ventilation.

With more than 30 years of experience in research and consulting related to building physics, HVAC system design and energy efficiency, Prof. Kurnitski has authored more than 200 scientific publications and has served as an advisor to government agencies and international organisations on building policies and standards.

As a prominent authority on energy management in the Baltics, his expertise will guide our company in developing innovative solutions that prioritise occupant health and building sustainability.

A significant union for Bisly: Kurnitski’s pioneering mastery of building science and Anikin’s visionary technology leadership

This marks a new era for Bisly. By combining the visionary technical acumen and scientific leadership in sustainable building design of our new Board members, we are ready to further develop smart solutions that set new benchmarks for occupant wellbeing and environmental responsibility.

Siim Vips, co-founder of Bisly

With Anikin and Prof Kurnitski on board, we are excited to accelerate our growth towards not only market expansion but also our sustainability mission.

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