Last week, KONE, the market leader of the elevator and escalator business, held an information day called „FIB Days“ in Tallinn. The event was also attended by the Bisly team and Bisly’s CEO Siim Vips gave a presentation on the developments in building automation.

We are delighted to say that we’ve proven ourselves in every way when it comes to the service and integration capabilities of intelligent buildings and have thus truly become a worthy partner for such a reputable company. The first project with a full new KONE API interface is about to be completed, and intelligently controlled elevators will make the end user’s daily movement more convenient already in the near future.

“Thus far, at most sites the integration was limited to just ordering an elevator and required a lot of work and cabling. Now, with KONE’s new API service, you can easily use a range of elevator-related services without needing to do any additional work,“ said Siim Vips. “We see a great potential for international cooperation with this new service when it comes to both the renovation and construction of commercial buildings, as well as in the field of new apartment buildings.“

During the conference, both parties confirmed their readiness for the future successful cooperation between KONE and Bisly. When it comes to product development, KONE is looking to expand their services to ensure the best user experience possible. Siim Vips gave a presentation on why „Every Building Deserves to be Intelligent“ and took part in a panel along with other industry leaders on the topic of commercial and residential real estate market developments.