Bonava is one of the largest builders of new homes in Estonia. During its 14 years of operation, Bonava has developed and sold more than 1,900 new apartments and plans to build another 2,000 apartments over the next five years. The Bisly smart home solution has become an elementary part of new homes. Heating and ventilation control, automatic transmission of monthly readings and access management (opening doors from your smartphone) are included in the standard package for new homes. The Bisly smart home solution has been installed, for example, in Bonava Pärnaõue Premium Plus homes in Kakumäe.

“As always in construction, various surprises occur during the construction of the object. What matters is how we deal with them. Bisly responded to all questions immediately and professionally, and the work they did was done with high quality and quickly. Smooth co-operation and meeting deadlines are crucial for the construction process to succeed. There was always a person on Bisly’s side who was there in case of urgent questions,” commented Daniel Heinmaa, Bonava’s site manager, on cooperation with Bisly.

By signing the agreement, Bonava assures that the cooperation with Bisly has gone smoothly and that Bisly’s building automation solutions work smoothly, according to the feedback from the end users and residents. “The next three apartment building developments are already underway with more than 200 homes to be built. Together with Bonava we will create energy-efficient and comfortable homes of a new era. In the form of a large and successful repeating customer, we receive confirmation that we will remain the market leader in the field of smart building solution,” commented success Bisly’s Sales Director Rene Üpraus.

There are often unexpected situations in construction, and it may be necessary to look outside your field and think with the client when finding even more general solutions. “The planning of Bisly’s work was very thorough, forward-looking and precise. Their attitude towards the completion of the site was very constructive and they also contributed to the identification and resolution of problems, even if it was not from within their scope. Personally, it was very pleasant to communicate with them, because the whole Bisly team is positive, fun and conflict-free,” said Daniel Heinmaa.