The Bisly team has gained yet another powerful addition. At the beginning of February, Kristjan Kõrgmaa, the former CFO of Clevon, stepped into the CFO role at the Estonian technology company. Kõrgmaa has been a financial controller at various prestigious start-ups such as Veriff and Skeleton, not to mention the energy giant Eesti Energia.  

“Bringing Bisly’s mission into fruition involves building a large-scale network of both installation partners and end users. The complexity is increased by the additional services offered to various users and real estate owners as well as by integrations with other service platforms. Hence, it is imperative that our financial processes ensure scalability and traceability, thus guaranteeing high quality when dealing with international partners. Kristjan’s previous experience will allow Bisly to build a strong foundation, which is especially important, given that the company has just opened a sales office in the UK and involved its first partners in the local market. Bisly is also planning to expand to the German market in the near future,” commented Bisly’s COO Ants Vill. 

During the rapid growth phase, the most important task of the CFO is to ensure that the growth is as profitable as possible, whilst helping to make optimal decisions and finding the most attractive options from the ones presented. It is also important to forecast cash flows wisely in order to avoid stalling the growth. 

Kõrgmaa believes that in the coming years, his contribution to the development of the company will be fairly broad-based as the Bisly team is still growing. His focus is going to be on financing the company’s growth and ensuring transparency in its processes. Kõrgmaa added: “I am very happy to join the Bisly team first and foremost, because the company has developed an incredible product, and secondly, general market trends along with competitors’ financial results show that the market is full of great business opportunities. I believe that Bisly will become one of the most successful hardware-based Estonian technology companies in the coming years. This is also confirmed by the current leader position in the domestic market as well as great interest in Bisly’s product in foreign markets, where the first installations are already operational from the beginning of the year.” 

Bisly’s innovative cloud-based software and self-developed hardware allow to turn both old and new buildings energy efficient, thus fighting against global warming and improving the quality of life. Bisly’s intelligent building technology helps to conserve energy and is already ensuring energy efficiency in thousands of apartments and offices. 

“Real estate tends to be quite a conservative sector, where innovation is usually slow. Due to the actions against global warming and the resulting increase in energy prices and regulatory pressure, developers and property owners are forced to think about innovative solutions more than ever before. Bisly has the perfect opportunity to become the leader of this innovation in both Europe as well as the world at large,” Kõrgmaa added.