Sleep scientists recommend sleeping in a cooler room and have found that an 18–21-degree room temperature in your bedroom ensures better sleep than excessive heat.

With the Bisly smart home and intelligent building solution, you can set your room temperatures as you prefer. Even if you would like to have different temperature in each room, it is possible with Bisly building automation system. Even more, you can set a different room temperature for a day and night. Home is a place where we rest and gather energy. Good sleep and a comfortable home temperature are the cornerstones of our well-being.

Imagine living in a home where the room temperature is always as you like and it is automatically controlled based on your preferences, the time and the solar heat that warms the room. When you get home, you will find your home with fresh air and perfect temperature even if the home windows are facing south and the sun.

As evening approaches, the smart home heating system knows that at ten o’clock in the evening it’s time to lower the bedroom temperature for example to 18 degrees. It is good to sleep under a warm blanket in a slightly cooler room temperature as it helps you sleep and rest better.

During the day, if you prefer a warmer room temperature and you have set it in the smart home system, you will find the rooms with the temperature you like in the morning. At night you can sleep in a cooler room and during the day the room is pleasantly warm. All set and working automatically and without manually adjusting the radiators.

The possibility to manage home devices and settings also while away from home, makes living in a smart home especially comfortable and safe. Going to a holiday or to a country house for a longer period of time, you do not have to keep the room temperature at 23 degrees at home. By keeping the temperature lower when you are away, also your monthly energy costs will be lower.

Living in a smart home is comfortable, environmentally friendly and cost effective. When choosing a home in a new apartment building, be sure to find out if and which smart home solution is installed in the house. Real estate is a long-term investment, and every detail will affect your daily life quality and everyday costs.