Buildings consume around 40% of energy in the European Union, and one of the main goals of the European Green Deal is to make buildings more energy efficient. To guarantee a healthy and clean living environment for both us and the upcoming generations, it’s imperative to have a thought-through and responsible approach when setting up new buildings. 

A smart building automation that, for example, turns on the heat, ventilation and lighting only when needed, will help conserve energy and is going to play a vital role in making buildings more energy efficient. The Bisly Intelligent Building Solution will make saving energy easy and accessible for everyone. 

A needs-based approach and the intelligent management of systems also help guarantee a healthier inner climate of the building —  a cleaner air thanks to the continuous monitoring of the CO2 levels, and the right intensity of light needed for work. 

On the 14th of July 2021 the European Commission accepted a list of proposals in order to reduce net greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% by the year 2030, compared to the level of 1990. The goal is to turn Europe into the world’s first climate neutral continent by the year 2050. 

Based on the European Green Deal, starting from 2021 all new buildings have to be nearly zero-energy buildings (NZEB), and older homes and public buildings must be renovated and made energy efficient. 

There are a lot of factors that affect the energy efficiency of a building. The location of the building and making the most of solar power and insulated windows and walls should be taken into consideration. The same goes for all the smart features of a contemporary home which help home appliances work automatically and based on the users’ needs. 

An increasing demand for intelligent building solutions

The new requirements along with the Green Deal have considerably increased the demand for intelligent building and smart home solutions that help conserve energy. Whereas the market thus far has consisted of comfort-based premium products with a higher price point, the Bisly Intelligent Building Solution not only guarantees functions for comfort, but also energy efficiency and accessibility for all consumers. 

The biggest energy savings come from the needs-based use of ventilation and lighting. If the building also has air conditioning installed, the smart system will automatically guarantee an enjoyable desired temperature in all of the rooms while making sure the heating and cooling processes are not working simultaneously. 

Bisly Smart Home technology and EU Green Deal

When choosing a smart system for a building, it’s important to make sure that the technology works as one unified system that manages the processes of all the appliances in the building at the same time. 

At Bisly, we’ve always put the main emphasis on creating an intelligent software, which, through systematic management, aims to achieve maximum energy savings for each apartment, building and office space.

It’s equally as important to take into consideration the difficulty level of installing the system. Bisly Scan-to-Connect solution and system architecture make the installation process of a smart home easy and thus help keep the cost of getting started low. 

Our primary focus is on making the system safe and dependable. The automatic and regular system updates help us guarantee the security of the system. 

Read more about the safety features of the Bisly solution HERE

Appliances working as a single system save energy and extend the beneficial lifetime of buildings

Installing innovative, future-ready technology to buildings is just as important as using high quality, durable building materials. This kind of technology helps people consume energy based on their actual needs without wasting it. 

An intelligent building automation also helps with creating environmentally friendly buildings, as the house manager can have an easy overview of all the appliances in the building and their state. Preventive maintenance ensures the reliability of the appliances, which in turn saves the homeowner costs and prolongs the life of the building. 

New age systems allow us to make smarter decisions when it comes to consuming energy, and help manage the consumption in the best, most effective way. 

The new age buildings are self-learning, help predict the need for thermal energy, manage the consumption, and connect the information from weather forecasts with current energy stock prices. An intelligent building automation manages the use of appliances based on the actual need, thus conserving energy and decreasing the carbon footprint of buildings. 

Bisly, along with its Norwegian partners, will start developing a new building management platform under the Estonian-Norwegian Cooperation program Green ICT. Read more about receiving the grant and future plans HERE.