Due to the rapid development of telecom and availability of the Internet, the availability of smart devices is growing around us very fast. We see Internet-compatible tools and devices all around us – a smart watches, a smoke detector or a smart home solution as a whole are just a few examples. The term Internet of Things (IoT) covers all devices that collect and exchange information over the Internet without the help of a person. The security of smart home systems is an important aspect when choosing a home intelligence provider for your real estate.

The Bisly smart home solution makes life comfortable and energy efficient! Demand-based lighting and heating control saves energy and reduces the CO2 footprint. As a bonus, monthly household expenses are reduced for inhabitants. Ventilation controlled by a CO2 level sensor always keeps the air in the room fresh and oxygen-rich, which is very important to feel good and sleep well.

Reliability creates peace of mind

For building automation to support us imperceptibly in everyday life, we have equipped the home with various Bisly sensors and controllers. The Bisly system is special since cabling has been used to connect the sensors and devices to each other and to the server. Even if smart home solutions over Wi-Fi can be found on the market, we decided at Bisly to choose reliability and customer peace of mind.

Smart home should be safe too!

There has been a lot of talk about the security of devices connected to the Internet, but since this is an important area that affects our lives, we will write down how we have ensured the security of the Bisly smart building system.

All systems are constantly updated with security pathes for known vulnerabilities to assure highest security standards. For example, as device design and usage logic are rapidly evolving and new products are being launched, older systems will no longer be offered system or security upgrades, and security holes may arise. We always recommend choosing a product or service where the corresponding support service is guaranteed, and the necessary system upgrades are performed automatically and invisibly for the customer.

Bisly smart home is safe because:

System is updated – Bisly software is constantly updated with new security information, and Bisly devices are automatically equipped with the latest software.

State-of-the-art cryptographic solutions that allow only authorized users to access the devices.

The Bisly system uses private encrypted channels for information exchange. The exchange of information between sensors, controllers, servers, and other devices never takes place over the public Internet.

The main server in the house creates double protection for the equipment located in the apartments.

Regular inspection and patching of security vulnerabilities.

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