The opening of the showroom marks a pivotal moment for Bisly’s intelligent building technology into entering the sustainable building and construction sector, within the UK.

The global Intelligent Building market is estimated at $86 billion, growing at 11.4% CAGR, and expected to reach $148 billion by 2027. This rate of growth is being driven by strategic factors such as high energy costs and ESG compliance. With the goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050, the EU’s energy performance of buildings directive (EPBD) mandates major efficiency improvements in how all buildings utilize energy for things like heating, cooling, lighting, and hot water. According to the EU, 75% of current building stock in the bloc does not meet the required new standards.

Opinion leader in sustainable real estate

This showroom serves as a platform to exhibit the Bisly’s latest advancements in intelligent building technologies, offering visitors a first-hand experience of how these innovations can enhance the functionality and comfort of commercial buildings.

“Bisly is a new enabler in our offering allowing us to bring energy saving solutions to organisations whilst maintaining a low-cost point and short ROI period. With their competitively priced native hardware and wide range of industry standard protocols (Modbus, Mbus, Bacnet, IP API, DALI etc) out of the box we can bring cost effective energy saving solutions across the industries at scale. It is crucial that we can begin further supporting organisations in playing their part in the global initiatives to reduce energy consumption and accelerate towards net zero,” Aaron Paradowski, Co-Founder and Director of Next Gen Smart Homes.

Bisly showroom

When entering the market and introducing an innovative solution, it is also important to inspire and educate the market and its specialists. Bisly’s showroom will be a collaborative space where industry professionals can come together to exchange ideas, discuss challenges and explore potential collaborations in events we will be holding in the near future.

“We are grateful to Aaron for the cooperation, and we are very happy that we have brought to the market a product based on software and hardware created by Estonian engineers, which is also in great demand in foreign markets,” said Ants Vill, COO of Bisly.

The growing importance of building sustainability

As sustainability becomes an increasingly important consideration in building design, the showroom highlights how intelligent building technologies can contribute to energy efficiency, resource conservation, and overall environmental responsibility.

“In addition to real estate developers, it is important for us to create a reliable network of professionals and to cooperate with both designers and installation partners. In such way, we support the development of our solution in the new market more broadly and build trust in both developers and end users,” commented Kam Vadukul, Bisly’s Regional Vice President – UK & Ireland.

By promoting awareness and adoption of intelligent building solutions, the showroom plays a role in fostering the growth of the industry, driving innovation, and pushing boundaries to create more intelligent and responsive built environments.

Bisly’s solution and technology are unique in the world, which is why the company has a wider role and the opportunity to influence the real estate market in the direction of environmental sustainability by promoting innovation.

Bisly showroom