Build smarter, manage easier

Bisly offers smart building systems – both software and hardware - that are scalable to customer needs, easy to install, secure, cost effective and require no coding.

Everything that building professionals, from real estate developers to installers, could wish for in a fully automated smart building system.
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  • Residential

  • Commercial

  • Hospitality

Bisly: Smart building automation for 80% lower overheads  

Smart building systems should be smart. Not a hassle with lots of overheads and expenses.
Thanks to Bisly’s patented technology, you can integrate any 3rd party device with our single cloud platform and BMS. And enjoy an 80% reduction in overheads.
  • Saving energy made easy

    Energy savings up to 50% thanks to Bisly building automation.

  • No coding required

    The Bisly platform removes the engineering work from installers, integrators and users.

  • Bank grade data security

    Bisly's cloud-connected, timeless hardware is always up to date with bank grade security.

  • Help tenants and residents save more

    Bisly's twin data model learns by optimising data over time. As a result, Bisly maximises savings 38-46% more efficiently than its competitors.

  • All in a single platform

    From HVAC to lighting and consumption data to remote readings, everything is on one platform.

  • Security

    Whether residential, commercial or hospitality, Bisly's automated solutions are scalable to meet customer needs.

  • Perfect ESG partner

    Bisly offers tailor-made solutions for retrofit projects. Plus, WELL & BREEAM certification points for new commercial and public buildings.

  • Affordable energy savings for all

    Bisly's scalability and reduced overheads make it an affordable option for both businesses and end users.

  • From sales to support

    Bisly supports customers at all stages - sales, manufacturing, installation, building management and control, and support.


Key features of the Bisly smart building systems  

  • HVAC

    Automatically controlled heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) to provide comfortable, healthy and energy-efficient living and working environments.

  • Lighting

    For maximum wellbeing and productivity, Bisly's intelligent lighting solution can reduce energy consumption by 50%.

  • Access control

    A video intercom on your smartphone shows you a live image from the front door. Open doors safely from wherever you are.

  • Consumption data

    Knowing your current energy consumption gives you control and can lead to 15-20% energy savings.

  • Remote readings

    With Bisly you can enjoy remote reading and all energy readings are automatically sent to your home management.

  • Eight years of experience

    We are the first to offer innovative smart home solutions and always here for you when necessary.

  • 20 000 automated Bisly controllers

    We provide satisfaction to our customers by offering an environment where automation makes life better.

  • Half a million tasks every day

    Thanks to automated controllers that do over half a million tasks daily, our customers save invaluable time.

Customer Stories

  • "Bisly's work planning was very thorough, far-sighted, and precise. The attitude towards the completion of the site was very constructive and they also contributed to the identification and solution of problems, even if they were not within their scope. "
    Daniel Heinmaa
    Object Manager, Bonava
  • "In our new green office, we use Bisly innovative smart building solution that makes energy consumption sustainable and the work environment comfortable and healthy. "
    Olga Petrova
    Communication Manager, Utilitas
  • "The Bisly smart home solution creates real added value for our customer, for example the extra comfort it adds. Bisly as a service provider has 24/7 Support, and they quickly resolve end-user's issues."
    Marko Bäärs
    Manager, Perton
  • " It’s comfortable to daily monitor the operation of all devices in the building and setting them up, if necessary, easily from my smartphone. The office manager's work is made much more flexible by the access management and video intercom. It is timesaving to open doors for guests even while being away from desk."
    Kristjen Sild
    Real Estate Manager, ABC Group
  • "Installation work by Bisly on the site was 5+. The systems have worked smoothly so far. In case of problems, Bisly's solving speed has been positive!"
    Taavi Konga
    Development Project Manager, Bonava

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