Innovation in the building automation field, fast development of the company and cooperation with Norwegian businesses brought Bisly the Norwegian innovation award in what was a tight competition. 

The Norwegian-Estonian Chamber of Commerce recognizes successful and innovative Estonian companies cooperating with Norway and gives out two business awards under “Norwegian Business Awards” – one for innovation and another for the biggest growth. The awards were presented at restaurant Tuljak over a festive ceremony and dinner.

Bisly awards

Under the Best Innovation category, the Norwegian-Estonian Chamber of Commerce recognizes an Estonian company which, through innovation, has changed the industry they’re in, or the ideas and principles of the market, whilst achieving positive business results. Innovation can occur in the design of the product, production processes, ways of working, distribution, or customer service. The award was handed to Siim Vips, the CEO of Bisly, by the president of Estonia Kersti Kaljulaid who was a special guest at the event.   

The award for biggest growth is presented to an Estonian company which has shown great business results within the last three years and a steady growth of at least 10% every year. Economic growth that has been achieved through export, especially that going to the Norwegian market, is seen as a great advantage when choosing the winner. The award was given to Glamox Eesti – a manufacturer of lighting solutions.

Innovation Award of Norwegian-Estonian Chamber of Commerce

In 2021, Bisly received funding under the framework of the Enterprise Estonia Estonian-Norwegian cooperation program “Green ICT” and along with its Norwegian partners the creation of a unified building management system will begin. The new solution being developed is suitable for both residential and business real estate, and will allow us to see the condition of buildings on an ongoing basis and make smart decisions regarding energy consumption. Bisly’s innovative central building management system unites all buildings that are being managed in a single system and users will have an overview of what’s happening in the buildings even if they’re located in different countries. Bisly’s partners in Norway are:

The Norwegian-Estonian Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit association created in 2007 that connects companies and whose members are Estonian companies related to Norway.  It is truly delightful that Estonian smart building technology has been receiving more and more international interest and getting recognized with various awards.

Since May 2022, Bisly is a member of NECC, the Norwegian-Estonian Chamber of Commerce.