In partnership with Miston Capital, more buildings in Pärnu, Estonia’s fourth largest city, have been equipped with Bisly’s smart home technology.  

The best partnerships are not only based on need and product fit, but also on shared values. This is what brought Bisly together with Miston Capital, a Pärnu-based real estate developer that prioritises innovation and providing its customers with world-class smart home technology solutions. 

Merit Somelar, Sales Manager, Baltics at Bisly, says that from the first meeting, it was clear that Bisly and Miston Capital were like “two last pieces of the puzzle” to complete the whole picture.  

“Bisly offers the perfect solution to save energy (and therefore the environment), a comfortable and easy to use solution that also gives the developer an overview of the building. Miston Capital is truly open to innovation and recognises the importance of creating functional and people-friendly developments, ” says Somelar, highlighting the shared values that brought the two companies together.  

Bisly and Miston Capital cooperated on the Rannaniidu project in Pärnu, Estonia.

Miston Capital’s commitment to innovation and delivering world-class smart home experiences is perfectly aligned with our mission here at Bisly. 

To find out more about Miston Capital and why they chose Bisly, we sat down with Kuldar Kirikal, Head of Development at Miston Capital and discussed the Rannaniidu project in Pärnu, including the collaboration with Bisly and the smart home technology trends of 2024. 

Kuldar Kirikal, Head of Development at Miston Capital

Beyond bricks and mortar: Building a smarter future for Estonia 

In Pärnu, in south west of Estonia, the urban landscape has been shaped over decades by a variety of houses and buildings.

Developers have the choice of focusing on individual properties or taking a more comprehensive approach. The latter means that their projects can contribute to the cohesive design of the whole urban area, preserving the integrity of the surrounding regions. 

Beautiful Pärnu from above

Miston Capital has prioritised environmental sustainability and client education in its projects. They offer modern solutions while preserving the architectural character of the city.

By developing 100 apartments per year in Pärnu, I feel like we can contribute to changing the standards of the real estate market. We can also educate clients regarding solutions that could make their daily routines more cost-efficient and convenient.

Kuldar Kirikal, Miston Capital’s Head of Development 

Rannaniidu becoming even smarter with Bisly’s smart home technologies 

Our cooperation with Miston Capital has started in 2023 and resulted in the popular Rannaniidu housing development in Mai district near the Pärnu beach promenade.  

The building has eleven apartments with smart home technology solutions that are remotely controlled from each room. 

The heating, cooling, ventilation, air quality, security and phono systems can be controlled remotely both on an apartment and room basis.  

The main priority for both the developers and home buyers is that new buildings should be sustainable and that should include every detail. With that in mind the apartments have floor-to-ceiling windows to maximize the use of daylight.  

Solar panels has been installed on the roof of the smart apartment building. The resulting energy can be used to reduce the general costs of the apartment association. Of course, each of the apartments also comes with the possibility to charge electric vehicles,” says Kuldar Kirikal. 

For this project with Miston Capital, Bisly installed the Bisly Hub, a screen where various functions can be controlled, including answering intercom calls. This eliminates the need for multiple controllers. And conveniently, all the same functions can also be controlled via the Bisly mobile app.

Bisly Hub – Easy to install, easy to manage

Here comes a short introduction to Bisly Hub, one of our star products – among many.

Bisly Hub offers a great and simple way to control energy consumption by adjusting heating and ventilation based on real-time needs. One of the convenient solutions it offers is `Vacation mode`. It helps to keep consumption low while residents are away for long periods. In Vacation mode, ventilation works at its minimum, and heating is turned down.  

Residents can make any changes they want either through the Bisly app or directly on the Bisly Hub.

In addition to the intercom solution, Bisly Hub also provides remote access control for general entrances, allowing for added security and convenience. This time-saving solution enables landlords to receive consolidated metrics, while homeowners are relieved of the burden of managing complex data.  

By automating these tasks, Bisly Hub frees up valuable time and resources for both construction professionals such as building managers and also residents.

All Bisly smart home technology solutions allow people to focus on what really cannot be controlled automatically.

2024 market trends: Increased customer knowledge of building materials and sustainability 

When it comes to trends in the construction market, Kirikal observes a growing customer demand for sustainable solutions. He believes that smart technologies are no longer a luxury, but a necessity. In addition, Energy Class A buildings are becoming the new standard.

He says: “I, myself, like to be aware and have my sights set on the future, but even more so, I believe that real estate developers now have a real opportunity to change the market.” 

According to Kirikal, customer knowledge of materials and building solutions has increased since 2018. Society is evolving and the issue of sustainability is becoming more important to customers. In addition, the energy class A for buildings has become a solid standard in the EU. This is why Miston Capital has decided to start using smart building technology.  

Miston Capital: More projects, more intelligent buildings, more energy savings

Spring 2025 will see the completion of Pärnu’s first loft-style apartments, the Vagabondi Lofts on Vana-Sauga Street, in which Bisly will be involved with its smart home technology solutions.

This is a unique project, as a historic building and a unique gem in the heart of Pärnu is being brought back to life with a completely new, modern interior.

Vagabondi Lofts on Vana-Sauga Street

Miston Capital’s latest project – Vista Residences – includes new apartment buildings closest to the sea in Pärnu. The first building of the quiet and peaceful Vista Residences will be ready by early summer 2025.

The A-rated apartment building will have 21 apartments with spacious balconies and terraces. A third of the new apartments, which went on sale in January, have already been sold.

Miston Capital’s latest project – Vista Residences

Bisly – a scalable smart home technology solution with every feature on a single platform

We asked Kirikal how he heard about Bisly and what made him decide to equip his projects with our smart home technologies.  

This is what he said: 

I first saw Bisly’s solution at the Kodustiil show, where Bonava was sharing their experience. The extra cost per apartment was affordable, and some of the smartly managed functions also fit our budget. Customers are also asking for digital solutions and ways to ensure energy savings.

Kirikal emphasised Bisly’s seamlessness and its unified platform, where devices operate without batteries or reliance on Wi-Fi networks, all connected by cables within a single system.  

When it comes to the development side, Bisly received great feedback as well. The project developer of the Rannaniidu project highlighted the importance of maintenance support and real-time device monitoring.  

Side note, this enables rapid identification of problems, with Bisly boasting a 99% resolution rate for remotely managed cases. 

Become partner, benefit from the Partnership Programme 

Bisly is a truly scalable building automation system where our proprietary hardware is the backbone through which we can integrate any 3rd party device to our single cloud platform and BMS

This allows us to eliminate 80% of overheads by reducing integration complexity and making automation affordable for everyone. 

  • Patented digital twin tech: Delivers overhead savings throughout the customer lifecycle, from sales to installation, maintenance, operations and support. 
  • Single Cloud Platform: Integrates all the necessary functions including heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), lighting, security and other systems  
  • Easy to install: No coding required, thanks to scan-to-connect technology  

To find out more about how Bisly can benefit your team and your business, contact our team today!