The Global ESG Awards were established to recognize the dedication of companies (PropTech, CleanTech, ConTech) and individuals in the construction and real estate industry with regard to ESG. Bisly is nominated for the EUBIN – European Building Innovation Network’s Compliancy Award for the best solution complying with regulations. 

The awards are presented annually in a total of six categories at MIPIM, a premier real estate event in Cannes. The event brings together the most influential players from all sectors of the international property industry. Trophies will be presented at the Grand Auditorium Stage on Tuesday 12th of March 2024. Bisly will also showcase its complete solution and range of features at the MIPIM exhibition, along with other innovative start-ups from Estonia.

ESG in construction & real estate

ESG considerations in construction and real estate encompass a wide range of practices aimed at reducing environmental impact, promoting social responsibility, and ensuring ethical governance. These factors have become progressively crucial for companies in these sectors to remain competitive, attract investors, and meet the expectations of a more environmentally and socially conscious market.

The biggest environmental impact of homes and offices comes from heating, cooling, and lighting systems. Intelligent buildings can cut those emissions in half. To comply with the European Commission’s building energy efficiency directive and reach carbon neutrality by 2050, building developers and owners have to make significant changes. Bisly’s core mission is to revolutionize energy efficiency through building automation solutions. 

The real estate sector is currently facing a challenged financing market, while still urgently having to fight against climate change and ensuring decent housing for all. However, structurally, the evolution of long-term drivers such as geopolitics, demographics, technology, and end-users’ expectations offers an extraordinary opportunity for key players to accelerate change towards a more diverse, sustainable, user-centric and profitable real estate. 

Bisly is making waves in a market currently dominated by legacy solutions that cannot meet the demands of most real-world budgets. Bisly’s open-standard technology offers a drastic reduction in total project costs with specially developed sensors that install quickly, together with a simple and secure software platform that uses bank-grade encryption.