At the end of March, Bisly welcomed a new Head of Marketing, bringing fresh perspectives and expertise to drive the company’s strategic initiatives.

Today, we caught up with Gökçe to talk about her experience and what she plans to bring to Bisly.

Gökçe has a background in marketing for technology companies and a love of creative ideas. Originally from Turkiye, she has been living in Estonia for the past five years. Her advertising studies, work experience with several international brands, Fulbright scholarship and, as she puts it, “a few lucky breaks” have taken her from Istanbul to Austin, Texas, and now to Tallinn, Estonia.

As Bisly actively expands into the UK and Germany, Gökçe’s international experience matches the company’s needs and vision.

Read on to find out more about Bisly’s new marketing team lead and the future of the Bisly brand.

Gökçe Karabay Erdinç, Head of Marketing at Bisly

What drove your decision to join the Bisly team?

After getting a taste of the cleantech space with my last team and some consulting projects in Turkey, I knew what I wanted to do at this point in my career – be part of a purpose-driven company with a strong product and value proposition and a strong team from whom I can learn a lot. Just like Bisly.

Bisly is a fast-growing company with a great smart building solution and a lot more to come. I enjoy working with a team from different backgrounds and cultures but with the same ambition to redefine the smart building industry, making the lives of building professionals much easier, and helping more people and businesses save energy.

We have recently expanded into the UK and Germany, and it feels great to be part of such a story at its early stages.

What is your story and experience from previous?

I started working in marketing as a copywriter in Turkey sixteen years ago after graduating with an MA in Advertising from the University of Texas at Austin.

In the first half of my career, I worked in advertising agencies for local and global clients in the FMCG, automotive, wellness and technology sectors. This has given me creative writing and conceptualisation skills with a focus on the customer journey.

After continuing my journey in Tallinn, Estonia, I joined inspiring teams such as e-Residency of Estonia and Roofit.Solar, which honed my knowledge of marketing strategy and multi-channel communications, especially in exciting startup environments.

Throughout my career I have developed a deep understanding of demand generation, SEO, content marketing and branding. More recently, I have been experimenting with AI tools to explore how they can enhance our work as a team. It’s an exciting time to be a marketer!

How do you define the best marketing practices for a technology company?

For tech companies, having a solid go-to-market (GTM) framework in place is a game-changer for their marketing. It should cover everything from PR and building brand awareness to creating content and generating leads.

But the key is, it needs to be flexible. You can tailor it to the specific market you’re entering and what your goals are there. The tech world moves fast, so having a framework lets you constantly test and improve your approach. By seeing what works and what flops, you can identify any gaps and tweak the framework to crush it in new markets.

From a general perspective, I think marketing in technology is about translating complex technical issues into compelling narratives. At the end of the day, good narratives and stories – backed by insights and data – win!

Bisly has what every marketer wants in a brand before they start marketing it: a strong product with a market fit.

Our first goal is to reach our target audience – construction professionals – and let them know what we do, how we do it and what makes us different. This is what we as a team at Bisly want to achieve today – to share our solutions with our audience and show them how Bisly will reduce overheads on their projects, help them save time and money and make their lives a lot easier. We look forward to sharing our inspiring story with more and more construction professionals.

We will always strive to be clear in our messages, visible in the digital world and present at industry events. It all comes down to a balanced marketing mix that is flexible in each market, depending on the needs and specifics of that market.

Some changes are on the way, thanks to our strong team and external partners – marketing is a team effort. Keep an eye on our website and social media channels. Changes are on the way!

The Bisly team is growing!

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