Everaus Kinnisvara and Bisly kicked off their strategic partnership, which will see Kindlusepealse villas equipped with building automation that provides smart and convenient solutions. Estonia’s first smart house district will be completed this coming summer in Rae municipality, Järveküla.

In today’s world, where construction processes need to be optimised and customers are looking for more energy savings, smart buildings require smarter solutions. This is the story behind our ‘intelligent’ building automation solutions, which reduce overheads in the process and integrate all necessary technical solutions (HVAC, access, energy, lighting, blinds, etc.) into a single platform. We are pleased to announce that Bisly’s intelligent solutions will now create Estonia’s first smart house district in 2024 in partnership with Everaus Kinnisvara, levelling the entire district.

Janar Muttik, CEO of Everaus Kinnisvara, notes that customers are increasingly looking for automated and energy-efficient comfort solutions that reduce the daily administrative burden and time spent.

Bisly’s intelligent building automation manages the daily living environment in an energy-efficient way,” says Siim Vips, CEO of Bisly.

Our technology allows future homeowners to use their home’s functions in a time- and energy-efficient manner, whilst directing more of their focus and resources into things that can’t be managed automatically.

Siim Vips, CEO of Bisly

Bisly integrates and displays all the necessary information on a single platform.

According to Muttik, the partnership is beneficial for both parties, but the biggest winners in this scenario are the customers of the new development.

The residents of Kindlusepealse villas can control both the pedestrian and car gates, the main and garage doors, the HUUM heater and the underfloor heating, as well as their ventilation and cooling through the Bisly phone app and the screen installed in their hallway.

Janar Muttik, CEO of Everaus Kinnisvara

Muttik points out that the phone app and control screen can also be used to turn off all the indoor lights and view the outdoor security cameras before leaving the house. Bisly’s intelligent home automation also regularly monitors boiler alarms and checks the pipe leak detector. These features help save more energy, increase security and simply make life easier for residents.

The premium-class detached and semi-detached smart houses of Kindlusepealse will be ready this summer.

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Bisly’s work planning was very thorough, far-sighted, and precise. The attitude towards the completion of the site was very constructive and they also contributed to the identification and solution of problems, even if they were not within their scope. Personally, it was very nice to communicate with them, because the whole Bisly team is positive, fun and conflict-free.

Daniel Heinmaa, Bonava

The Bisly smart home solution creates real added value for our customer, for example the extra comfort it adds. It is important for us that Bisly as a service provider has 24/7 Support, and they quickly resolve end-user’s issues.

Marko Bäärs, Perton

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