In February, Bisly completed its first cooperation project with Perton Ehitus. All apartments of the stylish Katze House in the Kassisaba area of Tallinn are equipped with the Bisly smart building functionality. Residents control the heating and ventilation and open doors conveniently from their mobile phone or home wall screen. Homeowners are also free to remember to submit monthly readings, as the readings reach the house manager conveniently and automatically with the help of Bisly.

Homeowners who have opted for a more luxurious package can also enjoy the ability to control the lighting. Lighting control in the Katze house means that you can turn on or off the lighting of different rooms as well as the terrace lighting or the whole home lighting at the touch of a button from your mobile phone application. Light intensity can be changed easily from the Bisly smart building application.

Perton is a conscious customer who has been installing smart home solutions in his real estate developments for years. “Bisly has a unique approach and the wired devices approach create solid feeling in terms of system reliability. Installation and co-operation with Bisly has also gone very well during the construction phase,” said Marko Bäärs, the manager of Perton.

Two new projects with Perton are already waiting for this year, and the planning of the work of the 30-apartment apartment building in Tallinn, Kalamaja at Vabriku 59 Street has already begun.

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