Bisly took part in a challenging Japanese innovation contest “Japan Challenge for Society 5.0 – Accelerate Innovation with Japan” and brought home a win! Bisly’s smart building solution was a perfect fit for the “Environmental Friendliness” category as energy-effective buildings pay a huge role in reducing our carbon footprint.  292 businesses from 53 countries took part in the competition. “Such competitions are useful for several reasons, as they help open doors to new markets, but also receive genuine feedback from the target market. It is important to know the specific characteristics of the market and understand its past experiences and needs in order to offer the best solutions. As we at Bisly are currently in the process of obtaining the necessary certificates for the Japanese market, securing the victory of such a competition will definitely come with new and highly useful contacts”commented Siim Vips, the Co-founder and CEO of Bisly, the reasoning behind taking part in the competition.          

„Japan Challenge for Society 5.0 – Accelerate Innovation with Japan“ is a contest for start-ups interested in Japanese collaboration. Start-ups that could help to solve any of the three types of social challenges (Environmental Friendliness, Labor Shortage & Improving Productivity or Smart & Resilient Japan) were invited to apply to and take part in the contest. The competition was organized by JETRO – the Japan External Trade Organization. JETRO is a government-related organization that works to promote cooperation, trade and investment between Japan and the rest of the world.

Bisly competed in the “Environmental Friendliness” category to help create energy efficiency in the building sector thanks to its unique smart building solution. It’s also worth mentioning the awards were enticing as winners will receive mentorship from Japanese experts, the possibility to take part in a digital fair and in CEATEC 2021, which is perfect for creating important relationships and cooperation. They’ll also be invited to visit the local startup community in Japan.  CEATEC is one of the biggest infotechnology and electronics exhibitions in Asia and it takes place in Japan every October.