When it comes to intelligently managed homes, it’s enough to simply set your home preferences in the smart home system, and from thereon smart technology will automatically take care of your home environment. Keep reading to find out which Bisly smart devices can help make your home healthier, more comfortable and energy efficient.

Control screen on the home wall

To set the room temperature, monitor CO2 levels or open your home doors for example, the most convenient options are using the home wall control screen or the Bisly app on your smartphone. The Bisly control screen frame made of brushed aluminium and anodized black (a special way of processing aluminium), is modern and significantly more wear-resistant and durable than frames made of plastic. The high-quality frame and a control screen created specifically to manage smart homes, will remain new for years and there’s no need to worry about having to exchange the device.

Vabriku 59 smart home devices
Perton Ehitus Vabriku 59 – apartment building in Kalamaja, Tallinn

Smart air temperature sensors

Digital room temperature sensors measure both the air and floor temperatures and manage heating systems to ensure the desired temperature in all rooms. Bisly air temperature sensors are placed on the lower edge of wall switches to guarantee the most accurate results without having any limitations when it comes to choosing the design of the switches.

Bisly õhutemperatuuriandur

CO2 sensor

If an apartment has apartment-based ventilation, the CO2 sensor will be placed inside the ventilation device, and it will regulate the speed of the ventilation unit according to the CO2 level in the room. To ensure the ventilation works on a room-basis and takes the CO2 level of each room into consideration separately, a Bisly super sensor (i.e. UMS-sensor) has to be installed on the ceiling of each room in the house.

Bisly CO2 sensor

Convenience lies in a single app that controls all devices

If there’s a need to use a different app to manage every device and appliance in a household, it becomes stressful and time-consuming for the user. Smart home is a solution that connects all devices into one system that can be controlled via a single app. This makes life much easier and more convenient for the user. Devices that consider each other and work as a unified system will also help conserve electricity.

Surprising CO2 savings come from Bisly’s videophone, as a lot of unnecessary rides to home and back will be left undone by both residents and couriers. You’ll enjoy live footage from your front door on your smartphone via the Bisly app, as well as the possibility to open doors for both couriers and your kids who might have left their keys at home.