Last century’s glass factory and copper casting production building will become modern homes with high ceilings and smart solutions. The new homes are located in the heart of Kalamaja, Vabriku 59. The project is continuation of the cooperation between Perton Ehitus and Bisly in building smart homes. All apartments in the historic building are equipped with Bisly smart home building automation.

Perton Ehitus has already built or renovated 16 houses in Kalamaja area, and they are real Kalamaja specialists. Giving new life to old houses and adding modern comforts is pure joy – both to the community and to residents.

Modern smart home technology makes life more comfortable, healthier and more energy efficient. Smartly controlled heating and ventilation save energy consumption and reduce the resident’s monthly costs. It is increasingly important for the home buyers to contribute to minimizing the environmental carbon footprint. Therefore building environmentally friendly homes is important development in real-estate development.

Smart home benefits

Living in a smart home also saves you valuable time, because once set, the heating and ventilation work automatically according to the set parameters. For example, if you want the room temperature to be higher during the day than in the night, the system takes your wishes into account without having to adjust the temperature every night. You just set it once in the system.

The automatic monthly readings also offer time savings because you no longer have to remember to e-mail the readings to the house manager at the end of each month. The system does this automatically!

You can also conveniently open doors from your smartphone and see a video picture of the guest on your smartphone. Smart homeowners have also appreciated the possibility to open the front door of the house to the arriving courier without having to be present themselves. The courier can leave the parcel behind the apartment door and you do not have to hurry home.

In their new Vabriku 59 homes, residents can choose between three interior design packages. One package includes also allows them to enjoy the most exclusive features of a smart home – also to control balcony lights and plugs from their smartphone and turn off all home lights with just the touch of a button (Magic switch). Electric curtains and controlling them from your smartphone are also a convenient option in the new Kalamaja home. Check out the Vabriku 59 new homes