Bisly is taking another stride in expanding the business by establishing themselves in Germany, a key market for growth, where first building is being installed with Bisly, in Dusseldorf already. The market entry is supported by the success of UK market where the company has already signed multiple partners and where the first certified showroom was opened by NG Smart Homes on the 19th of March. Julius Beck is joining Bisly as a Regional Vice President of Business Development.

Bisly’s ambitions in DACH are nothing less than becoming the market leader in building automation systems. “We are looking to replicate the success that we have in the home market, (market leader in Estonia), by co-operating with main real estate developers and owners but also by building up a strong network of installation and distribution partners to conduct Bisly automation sales regionally. We are thrilled to set up our facilities in Germany to service the DACH market with our products by offering short lead times, localised support and customer service,” comments Bisly’s COO Ants Vill.

He continues: “I have experience in navigating the DACH market, having built factories and lived there myself, seeing the need for our solution firsthand. The competence of Julius, coming from a strong engineering background is just what we and our customers need to rapidly scale our business in DACH.”

Starting with the German market, Bisly will continue its expansion and use the synergies between the German speaking countries and their structures. “As the ambition of DACH is to become carbon neutral and as a third of EU greenhouse gas emissions are related to buildings, I see that the Bisly solution is exactly what the market needs. Reaching the requires energy efficiency, will only be achieved by using intelligent automation systems. Here Bisly comes into play with the easy installation, high reliability by design and lower overheads, making automation affordable for all.  It’s the perfect momentum for Bisly to enter the DACH market,” Julius Beck says.

In a situation where one third of all EU emissions come from buildings related energy consumption, it is a larger opportunity for Bisly to make a difference on global warming, than the full EV revolution potentially could have. According to EU directives, starting from 2025 automation is obligatory for buildings over 290kw of consumption and here Bisly is number one choice.

How do you see your role in Bisly’s future success and what would you like to carry out in Bisly?

Julius Beck: “Since I got to know about Bisly and how the products are working, I immediately got impressed by the Bisly platform that offers no-code approach, major hurdle today on the market –through the patented Bisly platform, making building automation affordable and reliable. Looking at the so far developed products, I would like to make these systems known and accessible to people in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. To reach these goals it will be essential to launch a German based entity which will be able to centrally serve customers in these regions and support actively Bisly’s expansion. To become a market leader, we need to build a solid and healthy growing organisation for DACH” 

Which experience would you take from previous that will support your journey with Bisly?

“In my previous work life, I was able to always follow my main interests: developing people and leading them with a great atmosphere to success. The reason why I am passionate about Bislyis the intelligent automation and digitalization. My career started with industrial automation of machines via PLC’s that moved on to general Operational Technologies (e.g. IPC’s, noise vibration measurement systems, manufacturing execution systems, enterprise resource planning systems and cyber security systems) and was lately leading me conceptualizing and executing a scalable industrial lighthouse industrial system,” continued Beck

As a takeaway of his whole career, Julius Beck sees himself capable in understanding what customers of automation systems need and what they expect from Bisly as a team in supporting them and to make the system as easy to use as possible. He believes that a single person can start or initiate a change but only a team is able to expand it.