CREtech is a real estate conference of global importance, bringing together pioneers of the field and representatives of various real estate sectors. Alongside other bright technology companies of recent times, Siim Vips, the CEO and co-founder of Bisly, will appear on the innovation stage.

The world-wide event has participants looking at the future of real estate together and coming up with solutions to make the sector environmentally friendly and sustainable. The goal of the CREtech 2023 conference in London is to bring innovation and modern solutions to companies in the real estate and construction sector, inspire with ideas from the new generation and help companies become future proof.

Since March, when Bisly was selected to be a part of the reputable accelerator 2023 REACH UK, the company has received inquiries from several UK developers, looking to equip expansive new rental property projects with smart technology. In big cities, where the need for rental properties and volumes of development keep increasing, more and more real estate companies are looking for new technologies, that would give a better overview of the property and the costs related to it, whilst making the buildings more energy-efficient. Bisly’s building management solutions help building owners, managers and rental property operators get an overview of the equipment in the building as well as control it in a single system. Many processes can be started automatically, as commands can be sent directly from a booking system for example.

Increasingly more ESG (environmental, social and corporate governance) principles are implemented in the real estate sector as well. Over the two conference days, the following questions are focused on:

  • does the development of technology help to achieve environment-related goals in the real estate sector?
  • how can technology make processes more effective?
  • how smart management of accesses helps maximize profitability?
  • how to use data i.e., differentiating important signals from info noise?
  • sustainable environments and zero-emission buildings – savers of our environment?

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