Solutions for a smart home building automation, or in other words an intelligent building, are no longer a dream of the future, but are an elementary function in new apartment buildings. Bisly’s new era building automation system connects all home technical systems and devices into one network and helps to automate their work and optimize energy consumption. On the one hand, the movement towards 0-energy buildings is driven by both local and European Union regulations, and on the other hand, young people’s greener worldview and desire to be responsible for the living environment.

Heating, ventilation, lighting, motion sensors and, for example, security cameras communicate with each other using new technologies, thus ensuring the optimal and needs-based use of each device. For example, you can be sure that:

  • The heating and cooling system do not work at the same time and you do not waste energy.
  • By controlling the lighting, you take care of your eyes and health and, of course, control your electricity consumption.
  • The CO2 level sensor regulates the operation of the ventilation and so the best air quality is always guaranteed in your home or office.

Peace of mind even when you are away from home

You can monitor and control the operation, energy consumption and usage of all devices comfortably from your smartphone or wall screen of your home or office. This way you can control the heating and ventilation of your home and the videophone will show you a live image of what is happening in front of the front door. Smart home and building automation solutions are with you everywhere – both at home and away.

A smart home system managed over the Internet significantly reduces administration and installation time

The Bisly system is also unique because the devices are connected to one platform, and thanks to this, updates and, if necessary, restarts of various devices can be performed remotely, ie via the Internet. “Since the “mini servers” in the apartment are connected to the main server of the house, which in turn is connected to a single platform or cloud, we can significantly save both our and the client’s time. We can make system upgrades for all apartments at once and solve problems over the Internet,” introduced Mihkel Kõrgmaa, Bisly’s technical manager.

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