Bisly’s good partner Bonava has started the building of new Premium Star homes in Pärnaõue. The homes are planned to be finished in 2022. All three Premium Star apartment buildings will come equipped with the newest Bisly smart home technology.

Living in the contemporary and peaceful environment of the Premium Star homes is comfortable and healthy. The Bisly smart sensors automatically manage the operations of the heating and ventilation systems and guarantee a pleasant room temperature and a healthy indoor climate for the residents. The needs-based operating of the heating and ventilation help keep monthly expenses under control.

A smart video intercom makes entering the new Premium Star homes convenient and secure. You can see the recording from the video intercom located at the front door on your home control screen as well as on your smartphone on the Bisly app. You can remotely open the doors by using the app. This is a great option when expecting a package from a courier. You no longer have to stay at home waiting for the courier – you can open the door for them remotely and they can leave the package at your door.

The parking at the Bonava Pärnaõue Premium Star homes is arranged in the underground garage where the vehicles are safe from the climate and there’s no need to worry about having to shovel snow in the morning. 

Bisly makes the parking even more convenient because the garage doors at the Premium Star buildings will be opened thanks to the Bisly car plate recognition function. If you want to enter the garage in a different car, you can quickly and easily change the car plate number in the system. If it used to take up to three days to change the car number in the system with the help of the building manager, you can now do it yourself on your smartphone Bisly app. The new car plate number will be activated right away, so not only will you be able to save your time and enjoy flexibility when it comes to any changes, you’ll also help reduce the workload of the building manager.

The Bonava Pärnaõue Premium Star new homes are unique for another reason. Thanks to the Bisly building management system, all three Premium Star homes will be combined into one system where they’ll communicate with each other and the building manager will have a detailed overview of what’s happening in the buildings. The Bisly control panel brings the monitoring, managing and controlling of the buildings onto one simple and logical online environment. An overview of energy consumption and consuming habits helps to make smarter and more efficient decisions when managing buildings.