An intelligent building is a new age system. It connects all home appliances into one network. Heating, ventilation, lighting, and motion sensors, as well as security cameras, for example, communicate with each other and use technologies to ensure the optimal and needs-based use of each device. For example, you can be sure that the heating and cooling system do not work at the same time and you do not waste energy. You can monitor and control the operation, energy consumption and usage of all devices comfortly from of your smartphone or wall screen of your home or office.

Automatic solutions for an intelligent building, or in other words a smart building, are no longer a dream, but are an elementary function in new apartment buildings.

Peace of mind and comfort

Imagine that when you get home, the lights are on, your favourite music is playing, and the rooms are freshly ventilated. Even more, the curtains move in front of the window and the heating switches itself off when the sun starts to shine too intensely. You just set the desired room temperature and the system adapts to create the environment you like and enjoy most.

Lower energy consumption lowers your living costs

When heating and cooling work hand in hand and are controlled automatically, energy consumption is reduced, and monthly costs are lowered. Air and floor temperature sensors ensure that the heating system is switched on and off when necessary. However, when leaving the home, you can set the heating to minimum and save in energy consumption. For example, the room temperature drops, all lights go out and the ventilation runs at lower speeds while you are away.

Safe and secure

With the help of the video intercom system, you can see the arriving guest via a video image both from the home wall screen and when away from your smartphone. This way, you can safely make sure that the doorbell ringer is welcomed guest before opening the door. It is also convenient and timesaving to open the doors yourself while away. For example, if the courier arrives just when you are away, you can open the front door from your smartphone.

An overview of your energy consumption helps you plan your energy usage

From the intelligent building wall screen or app, you can also see an ongoing overview of your energy consumption – heating, electricity, and water readings. Based on your consumption or current usage figures, you can decide if you want to change something in your behaviour. According to TalTech professor Jarek Kurnitski, a person adjusts his consumption by 15-20% if he has a constant overview of energy consumption.

Of course, in Bisly intelligent building system the monthly consumption readings are transmitted to the administrator automatically, so there is less to remember each month.

Better-quality sleep and performance in rooms with fresh air

The level of oxygen in the room affects our attention span, memory, concentration, reaction speed and, for example, the level of children’s participation in school. In addition, poor indoor air can be a major source of health problems. Viruses also spread in unventilated or poorly ventilated rooms. Indoor air quality is an important issue! Studying and working at home with the whole family also places higher demands on air exchange or ventilation. Both the level of CO2 and the amount of airborne dust in the air must be monitored.

If usually you must switch the ventilation unit yourself or change the ventilation speeds, then in rooms equipped with Bisly building automation, the sensor monitors the CO2 level in the room and adjusts the ventilation speed automatically and continuously!

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