In 2021, Havsvidden Living Concept started the development of 17 new apartment buildings and 24 private houses in Åland, designed in perfect harmony with the nature. Bisly has every reason to feel proud, as these homes are now being equipped with none other than Bisly smart home solutions.

In Scandinavia, great emphasis is put on energy-efficient lighting, which is why on top of heating and ventilation control, Bisly’s smart lighting solution will be installed in all of the apartments. All of the home lights will be dimmable remotely via the Bisly app, as well as by adjusting the wall switch at home.

“We compared dimmable switches with Bisly’s lighting solution, and as the price difference was small, whereas the added value of the entire solution for a smart building was significant, it was only natural we added the dimmable lighting solution to the system. As this is an environment in tune with the nature and saunas play a vital role in creating a sense of well-being, our homes saunas can also conveniently be controlled by the user via the Bisly app,” noted Bitte Islander, the Development Manager of Havsvidden Living.

Bisly in Aland

The unique Havsvidden Resort in the Åland archipelago has an extraordinary story. The resort was established by the legendary entrepreneur Torvald “Thusse” Eriksson and his wife Birgitta. Inspired by the principles of Rudolf Steiner’s anthroposophy, the couple set out to create a one-of-a-kind environment where both the body and the mind of the visitors could relax and rewind. Incredible holiday opportunities along with some calming of the mind have been provided in Havsvidden since the 80’s. Whilst developing new homes, Havsvidden AB strives to keep the passion of the creators alive.

Since the buildings, unlike specialized home automations technicians, are located on an island, it is vital the systems can be managed and, if necessary, provided with technical support, remotely. To maintain Bisly’s smart home systems, technicians don’t have to travel to the island, as most work can be done remotely. This is why Bisly’s fast and flexible support service was a perfect match for the developer’s needs and expectations. The cozy seaside Havsvidden Living homes, made energy-efficient by Bisly, will be completed by the end of 2022.

Bisly in Aland