We are pleased to announce the recent addition of another prestigious project to the Bisly portfolio – the buildings of the final phase of the Kalaranna District. This project is one of the city’s most distinctive neighbourhoods, creating a dialogue between the sea and the city centre for the first time. It offers a blend of modern amenities, historical charm and, not least, building automation by Bisly. 

With new regulations aimed at optimising energy savings in buildings across the EU, building automation solutions are no longer a luxury, but a priority. That is why building and ESG professionals from many countries – including Estonia – have chosen Bisly.  

The latest project where our solutions have been chosen is the prestigious Kalaranna District buildings near the old town of Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. 

Modern, spacious, high-tech: Kalaranna District 

Kalaranna District, a highly anticipated city block in Tallinn, brings the city and the sea together. While its location is a charm for both residents, tenants and visitors, it has also attracted commercial interest. 

Currently, more than 40% of the properties scheduled for completion in the final phase of this phase have been sold or reserved as of May 2024. 

The development comprises 12 apartment buildings with commercial space totaling almost 38,300 m2. The first phase developed approximately 31,500 m2 of land with 8 buildings and an underground car park with 385 spaces.  

The current phase will develop underground parking for nearly 60 cars and 7,500 m2 of land for 4 buildings.

This is where Bisly comes in with its partner AS Pro Kapital Eesti. 


Bringing building automation to Kalaranna District with AS Pro Kapital Eesti  

In this project we cooperated with our partner AS Pro Kapital Eesti, one of the oldest and most established property development companies in the Baltics with 30 years of experience.   

Merit Somelar, our Sales Manager, Baltics and also the coordinator of this project highlights key points about the process with AS Pro Kapital Eesti : 

The Kalaranna District and its previous phase is a very outstanding project that has definitely stood out in the urban landscape, both architecturally and in terms of interior design. We started negotiations for the intelligent building automation solution for the final phase of Kalaranna District last year. We mapped the wishes of AS Pro Kapital Eesti for what they wanted to offer to their clients.

Somelar goes on to say that thanks to Bisly’s convenient, easy-to-use and demand-driven solution, which also makes building management easy and provides high quality customer service, both companies came to the conclusion that Bisly’s solution met the expectations and was a perfect fit.  

Add to this the thoroughness and professionalism of the AS Pro Kapital Eesti project team and it is no surprise that the collaboration has been very smooth so far!

Kalaranna District, Tallinn, Estonia

Final stage of Kalaranna District is where Bisly’s building automation solutions will be implemented.  

So the question is…  

How will Bisly’s building automation solutions enhance Kalaranna District? 

In this final phase of the project, Bisly products will enhance 4 houses, 146 apartments and 4 office spaces. This means that many people, from individuals to companies, will soon enjoy a simplified automation system, energy savings and comfort. 

In the apartments, Bisly will provide automation system for heating, ventilation, cooling (penthouses and office areas) and also the intercom solution.

These functions operate automatically based on demand and set criteria. The occupant or tenant does not need to be concerned with the day-to-day operation of the indoor climate. The system works independently in the background.    

However, the criteria can be easily changed via the Bisly Hub or the Bisly App, depending on the resident’s or tenant’s preferences! Easy to manage, easy to use and truly human-centric. And designed to maximise energy efficiency thus energy savings.

Construction of the final phase of Kalaranna District will be fully completed by the spring of 2025. However, the project will welcome its lucky residents and tenants in late 2024.   

Introducing Bisly Hub – easy to install and manage 

Bisly Hub simplifies energy management by dynamically adjusting heating and ventilation according to real-time requirements.  

One of its practical features is the ‘holiday mode‘, which efficiently reduces energy consumption during long periods of absence. In this mode, ventilation operates at minimum levels while heating is moderated downwards, ensuring energy efficiency while tenants and residents are away. 

Residents and tenants can make the changes they’d like to make either on-screen or via the Bisly app.

In addition to its intercom feature, Bisly Hub extends its functionality to include remote access control – thanks to Bisly App – for main entrances, enhancing security and convenience. This streamlined solution provides tenants and residents with consolidated metrics and relieves them from the complexities of data management. 

Through automation, Bisly Hub frees up valuable time and resources for building professionals such as property managers and residents alike.  

With Bisly’s suite of building automation solutions, everyone from tenants to building professionals can enjoy convenience, comfort and energy savings. 

Bisly – Your new building automation partner  

As a building professional, what do you expect from a building automation partner? Reliability? Powerful technology? Scalability?  

Bisly has it all.  

Headquartered in Estonia, with offices in Germany and the UK, we provide scalable building automation systems, including software, hardware, integration and lighting solutions.  

  • Easy to install with a no-code approach 
  • Affordable and scalable to meet customer needs and project requirements 
  • All aspects of intelligent building on one platform with our patented Digital Twin single cloud solution 

To find out more about our Partnership Programme, what we do and how we do it, contact our team today!