What would add value to your project in terms of smart solutions? Technology, simplicity, variety? When it comes to building smart homes, the variety of options, ease of use and aesthetics are as important as the technology itself. This is where the Bisly smart building solution stands out.

In today’s world, efficiency is the name of the game in the building industry as much as anywhere else. It applies to building professionals looking for smart and flexible solutions with reduced costs, and to customers who want to get the most out of their home automation systems while saving energy.

This is why Bisly has developed its patented single platform approach and scan-to-connect technology – to meet the needs of both professionals and end users.

Easy to install for builders, easy to manage for facility managers and easy to use for residents. A truly smooth and efficient process, from initial installation to post-sales support.

While developers enjoy a smooth installation process with reduced costs, consultants and architects benefit from Bisly’s flexibility and scalability.

In this post, we will look at how Bisly can make a smart home even smarter with its

  • Control screen on the wall
  • Smart air temperature sensors
  • CO2 sensor

Let’s take a look at the 3 main components that will make your residents’ lives healthier, more comfortable and more energy efficient.

Learn more about how Bisly supports ESG – Bisly has been nominated for the “Compliancy Award” at the Global ESG Awards

Control screen on the home wall

Why call a building system smart when it is not smart at all? This means that you can’t manage different things on a single platform that is not user-friendly.

To solve these problems, Bisly displays all the necessary information on a single solution.

Our solution offers two options when the resident wants to adjust the room temperature, monitor CO2 levels or manage doors of the house– via the control panel on the wall. The resident can also use the Bisly app on their smartphone and make any changes if they wish.

What about the aesthetics? Made of brushed aluminium and black anodised for increased durability, the Bisly control screen frame offers a modern, durable solution. Designed specifically for smart home management, this high quality frame ensures years of use without the need for replacement. Both smart and beautiful.

Vabriku 59 smart home devices
Perton Ehitus Vabriku 59 – apartment building in Kalamaja, Tallinn

Smart air and floor temperature sensors

Accurate measurement of air temperature is critical for effective indoor climate control and energy management. Bisly’s innovative air temperature sensors offer a solution that goes beyond mere functionality.

By strategically placing these sensors on the bottom edge of wall switches, Bisly ensures accurate temperature readings without compromising the aesthetic integrity of interiors.

Bisly õhutemperatuuriandur

Digital room temperature sensors measure both air and floor temperatures, efficiently managing heating systems to maintain desired room temperatures.

In today’s world where energy efficiency and comfort are paramount, the ability to efficiently monitor air temperature is essential. Bisly’s sensors not only provide accurate measurements, but also contribute to the seamless integration of technology into our daily lives, enhancing both comfort and sustainability.

Air purity measurement – CO2, VOC and dust particle concentration

In addition to measuring CO2 levels, our sensors also monitor volatile organic compounds (VOCs), temperature, dust particle concentration, and humidity, which together help to assess air quality.

For homes up to 120m², installing CO2 sensors in the ventilation outlets effectively regulates the ventilation systems. However, in larger or more upmarket developments, a Unified Monitoring System (UMS) per room is typically used, which collects comprehensive data and incorporates light and motion controls.

Bisly CO2 sensor

In homes with apartment-based ventilation, CO2 sensors regulate the speed of the ventilation units based on the CO2 levels in the room. To ensure room-based ventilation that takes into account the CO2 levels in each room separately, Bisly super sensors (UMS sensors) are installed on the ceiling of each room in the house.

Convenience lies in a single app that controls all devices

This what Bisly is aiming for.

Having to manage a different app for each device and appliance in the home is stressful and time-consuming for the user. Smart home is a solution that connects all devices into one system that can be controlled by a single app. This makes life much easier and more convenient for everyone.

Devices that take each other into account and work as an integrated system also help to save energy. Just like Bisly’s intelligent building solutions.

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